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4510HZD Customizable Wine Cooling System
4510HZD Customizable Wine Cooling System  
Key Features:
  • All-in-one cooling system that ships ready to install - no refrigeration technician needed
  • Temperature and humidity ranges are optimized for long term wine storage
  • Our patented humidity modulator technology helps maintain ideal humidity levels inside your cellar eliminating the need for an external humidifier
  • Condenser fan features quiet and high-speed settings, enabling the unit to operate even at extremely high ambient temperatures
  • Self-contained system with standard rear-exhaust
  • Humidity can be adjusted through the temperature control
  • Built-in temperature activated outlet compatible with cellar heaters (heater not included)
  • Adjustable evaporator fan allows for ducted installation
  • Temperature Range: 50-65°F
  • Capable of venting outdoors.
SSL Series Water-Cooled Wine Cellar Cooling
Key Features:
  • Wine-Mate split cooling systems are designed and used to provide a stable temperature between 55~65 °F for a properly insulated room in a normal environment.
  • The wine room space will maintain humidity of 50~70% RH even when the environment becomes dry or humid.
  • These temperatures and humidity’s are optimized for long term storage of wine, fur and tobacco.
  • The condensing unit can be placed away from the wine room as far as 50 feet, which will bring an extremely quiet operation.
  • It is perfect for applications where there are rooms for hot air exhaust into.
  • For an additional cost, all split system models can be customized to provide optimal storage for fine furs, cigars, leather goods, chocolate, and salami.

Wine-Mate HTD Wine Cellar Cooling
Key Features:
  • Split system wine cellar cooling
  • 2500 - 500 BTU cooling capacity
  • Rear or top exhaust (extra)
  • Improved humidity control
  • New digital controller
  • Ready for "Smart-home" integration


Wine-Mate SSV Wine Cellar Cooling
SSV Series  
    Key Features:  
  • Split-system wine cellar cooling
  • 2500 - 6500 BTU cooling capacity
  • Place condensing unit up to 50ft away
  • Improved humidity control
  • Temperatures and humidities are optimized for long-term storage of wine, fur and tobacco
  • Designed for installation in a wine rack or inside a wine room corner
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