Water-Cooled Split System wine cellar cooling
Water-cooled split system wine cooling unit
Key Features:

Wine-Mate split cooling systems are designed and used to provide a stable temperature between 55~65 °F for a properly insulated room in a normal environment.
The wine room space will maintain humidity of 50~70% RH even when the environment becomes dry or humid.
These temperatures and humidity’s are optimized for long term storage of wine, fur and tobacco.
The condensing unit can be placed away from the wine room as far as 50 feet, which will bring an extremely quiet operation.
These models are perfect for installations where there is no space for hot air to exhaust into
For an additional cost, all split system models can be customized to provide optimal storage for fine furs, cigars, leather goods, chocolate, and salami.
Simple Installation:
Water-cooled wine cellar cooling unit installation
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      Split system cooling models:
SSL Series Split System Wine Cooling Unit
  • Low profile
  • 1500 - 6500 BTU units
  • Celing mount
SSD Series Split System Wine Cooling Unit
  • Dual air discharge
  • 2500 & 8500 BTU units
  • Celing mount
SSH Series Split System Wine Cooling Unit
  • High static pressure
  • 2500 & 8500 BTU units
  • Place up to 25ft away
SSW Series Split System Wine Cooling Unit
  • Fits in wall studs
  • 1500 & 2500 BTU Units
  • Wall mounted
SSR Series Split System Wine Cooling Unit
  • Rack mountable
  • 2500 & 4500 BTU Units
SSV Series Split System Wine Cooling Unit
  • Can be installed in wine rack
  • 2500 - 6500 BTU units
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