4510HZD Customizable Wine Cooling System
   Key Features:
  • All-in-one cooling system that ships ready to install - no refrigeration technician needed
  • Temperature and humidity ranges are optimized for long term wine storage
  • Our patented humidity modulator technology helps maintain ideal humidity levels inside your cellar eliminating the need for an external humidifier
  • Condenser fan features quiet and high-speed settings, enabling the unit to operate even at extremely high ambient temperatures
  • Self-contained system with standard rear-exhaust
  • Humidity can be adjusted through the temperature control
  • Optional built-in temperature activated outlet compatible with cellar heaters (heater not included)
  • Adjustable evaporator fan allows for ducted installation
  • Temperature Range: 50-65°F
  • Capable of venting outdoors.

4510HZD wine cooling system diagram and spec chart
Dimensions (in.):  W=14.375   D=21.5  H=20

HZD Series Specification Chart
Dimensions WxDxH in.
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95 lb
Up to 1000 cu ft
115V 60Hz 8A
Add Heater Outlet: Outlet for a freezing protection heater (heater not included).
Heater Outlet [$99.00]
Add Custom Power Cord Location: Optimize the location of the power cord per your installation needs.
Side Power Cord [+$0.00]
Rear Power Cord [+$0.00]
Custom Placed Power Cord [+129.00]
Customize Exhaust System Configuration: Depending on where the system will be installed, you can choose rear or top exhaust to optimize air flow and efficiency.
Rear-Exhaust [Standard]
Top Exhaust [+129.00]
Customize Supply Grille Direction: Choose to direct the cold air to the left, right, or straight out into your space to optimize airflow.
Front-Facing [Standard]
Right-Facing [+129]
Left-Facing [+129]
Add Compressor Heater: Protect your compressor against low ambient temperatures with the compressor heater.
Compressor Heater [+249.00]
Add Reusable Condenser Air Filter: Condenser air filter is removable and washable for easy cleaning.
Reusable Condenser Air Filter [$159.00]
Add the Wine-Mate Call Feature: Receive immediate notifications to your cell phone if your cellar environment drops out of the approved range
Wine-Mate Call Feature [+$399.00]
Add Insulated Duct: For ducted installation - compatible with the duct adaptor
Insulated Duct [$540.00]
Add Duct Adaptor: For ducted installation - compatible with the insulated duct
Duct Adaptor [$840.00]

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