Our Mission
Wine-Mate wine cooling systems are considered "state of the art" in the refrigeration
of wine cellars such as wine cabinets, wine rooms and walk-in vaults. Our systems are
designed specially for long term wine storage when both temperature
and humidity are critical.

Company Profile
Vinotemp International
has been making wine cellars for over 20 years. In 1999,
Vinotemp began to manufacture Wine-Mate wine cooling systems.

The reason behind that is to make sure that the quality was where Vinotemp wanted it to be.
By making the product in its California facility, Vinotemp could ensure that the products and their
components would be of high quality. This is the Wine-Mate brand.

The components of Wine-Mate use top of the line compressors and coils. The Research
and Development department is constantly creating new and better solutions for wine cellar
cooling. Cutting edge technologies and designs are what we strive for. You can find
Wine-Mate cooling systems in all Vinotemp wine cellars.

We also privatize labels for other wine cellar companies as well supply to builders and designers
for upscale homes, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and more.

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