Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling:
Self-contained wine cellar cooling unit
Key Features:

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Humidity and temperature digital control using patent pending technology
Oversized evaporator providing subtle cooling of 50~65 °F
Optimized air flow for most even temperatures in wine cabinets
Exchangeable discharge grille for front, back and down cold air distribution
Multiple exhaust options for top or rear hot air exhaust
High efficient tube-axial fans for both condenser and evaporator
Extra insulation for both thermal and noise isolation
Unique condensate drain tray for humidity control
Grill size optimized for easy cleaning and safety
Stamping housing for robust structure
Self-contained, ready for use and easy installation
For an additional cost, all self-contained models can be customized to provide optimal storage for fine furs, cigars, leather goods, chocolate, and salami.
Simple Installation:
Wine cellar cooling unit installation
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    SELf-CONTAINED Models:

Wine-Mate HTD Series wine cellar cooling units
Best humidity control
• New digital display
• 1500 & 2500 BTU units
Wine-Mate CD Series wine cellar cooling units
• Proven quality
• Bottom air discharge
• Rear or top exhaust
Wine-Mate HZD Series wine cellar cooling units
Horizontal air discharge
1500 & 8500 BTU Units
Rear or top exhaust
Custom HZD
4510HZD Customizable Wine Cooling System
4500 BTU System
Patented humidity               control technology
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